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Want To Know How Your Nonprofit Can Achieve Your Mission and Accelerate Your Impact SustainablyWITHOUT Grants, Fundraisers, and Donations... ???

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Are you a nonprofit leader or social entrepreneur tired of struggling to raise funds for your nonprofit or social enterprise? Are you looking for a new way to generate stable and sustainable revenue while making a greater impact in the world?

I'm Sophina Placencia, owner and founder of Clear Bench Company - a Business Development and Strategic Marketing Consulting Agency based in Hawaii.

We help nonprofits and social entrepreneurs like you build sustainable forms of revenue to achieve your missions and accelerate your impact.

Before I started Clear Bench, I was an Executive Director for a Human Services Nonprofit. 

Funding was a never ending constant struggle..... and I'm guessing the same is true for you and that's why you're here.

If so, you need to check out the exclusive video recording, where Peter Edwards and I discuss how nonprofits and social entrepreneurs can leverage this little known framework called 'Mission Money Assets' to create sustainable revenue streams and amplify their impact.

I blew his mind. 

I want to see if yours will be blown too :)

In The Video You'll Learn 3 Core Principles:

- Nonprofits Do Not Need to Rely On Grants, Fundraisers, or Donations and How Those Sources Are The Problems Rather Than The Solutions to Achieving Lasting Impact
- How Any Nonprofit Can Safeguard Their Funding Streams
- Stable Sources of Funding That Can Withstand Social and Economic Crisis' Today and In The Future 

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